NEW: Rhiannon coffee beans are roasted fresh-to-order + under TEN dollar$ a bag!!


👌🏻 Crazy fresh + hand-roasted in batches smaller than a miniature poodle 
👌🏻 Wildly popular, a local legend in our community 
👌🏻 Hand-packed + hand gift-wrapped to order (with groovy packaging and freebies too!)


🤩 Finally, you’re able to get your hands on a bag of these fresh roasted beans (@ a mega deal.)


For 11 years, Wolfe Club has forged a legacy of delivering far-out housemade products to a community that's often overlooked and underfunded.


The moment you click ‘add to cart,’ your call rings like a bell through the night & enters the realm of Wolfe Club, a place where dreams unwind. A single set of hands roasts a micro batch to answer your call. Your beans are hand-packed into the coffee sack til it’s bursting with fresh RHIANNON beans. Your order is then hand-wrapped, stamped, tied, & embellished with 70’s-inspired details.


While all those other guys claim to be small-batch & hand-crafted, they're roasting in big warehouses on robo-roasters w/ iPads. We’re roasting with true grit & fiery passion, right inside our cozy little shop. Our state-of-the-art roasting technology? Our eyes, ears, and nose. No computers required, amigo. 


Order your beans now. Snatch your slice of this magic - delivered direct to your abode (@ a price that won't be beat.)


FREE SHIPPING on orders $29+.


Net wt. 12 oz

Whole Coffee Beans - Rhiannon (Classic Roast) - 12 oz Bag

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