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white chocolate & house honey-vanilla-cinnamon sauce

caramel haze

chocolate, house salted
caramel & hazelnut

burnin' sky

house spiced chai, espresso
& spice mix

Dream machine

house orange cream sauce
& house vanilla

gold dust mocha

chocolate, house coconut-caramel & almond

berry truffle

white chocolate, house berry-cream & crushed berries

neon moon

house coconut-salted caramel & house vanilla

magic mint

chocolate, house green mint syrup

flying dutchman

house spiced chai, house salted caramel & white coffee espresso (+50¢)

holy moses!

white chocolate, dark chocolate & 2 extra shots of espresso!! (+95¢)

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espresso drinks

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tropical citrus, peach, orange

kula sunset

wild cherry, tart key lime

lazer lizard

Prayers Logo Espresso.png

butterfly tears

guava, passionfruit, blueberry

Our craft-brewed energy drink is all natural, honey sweetened & on-tap! See more about Prayers here.

green dragon

sour apple, kiwi, lemon

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kids' drinks, too.


warm cocoa

with whip & a tiny cookie!

cotton candy

magic purple lemonade

rainbow juice

sparkling blast of sherberty magic

tie dye tea

tropical, fruity iced herbal tea

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