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 PRAYERS is on-tap now. Our fresh energy brew is made with flowers, green coffee, a high caffeine tea blend, natural fruit oils, and sweetened with just a few drops of real honey. This holy water is brewed, kegged and blessed exclusively at Wolfe Club. Scroll down to see more about PRAYERS. on-tap now!

* Prayers Contains high levels of caffeine & hibiscus flowers. Do not over-consume. Not suitable for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women. plant sediment is

normal as this product is gently filtered.



In the Brewginning

We start the brewing process by steeping our exclusive blend of PRAYERS botanical ingredients in some good old-fashioned H2O. The blend includes caffeine-boosted tea leaves, green (completely un-roasted) coffee beans, hibiscus petals, and dried fruits.

video by Mark F Kirkland copyright wolfe club coffee 2019

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